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The Ayrton Senna Crash Helmet – A Classic Look

A Race Car Driver and his Protected Gear

When on the race track, a lot of the time the only means by which Formula 1 Racing  drivers can be identified is through their uniform, helmet and other safety gear that they are wearing. That said, the safety gear is not only used to identify a particular race car driver during the race, but should be capable of doing a lot more in terms of functionality during racing and assuring the safety of a race car driver.

It is very noticeable that race car drivers wear specially designed suits that extend up to their fingers and toes. This is because the suit is made of fire-protective fabric that can protect each and every part of the race car driver’s body.

Other visible apparel the race car drivers wear are uniquely-designed shoes that enable them to have a good grip on their race car’s foot controls.  Probably the most noticeable and visible of the protective gear though (and perhaps the most functional), is the helmet.

During the years Formula 1 drivers would stick to one particular design that would stand out almost as a brand for them and probably the most recognisable of them all is the “Ayrton Senna Crash Helmet”.

The Ayrton Senna Crash Helmet – No frills

Ayrton Senna was of course a world-renowned Formula 1 race car driver who was a World Champion many times over. Many thought of him as the best their ever was in the sport, but his racing career was cut short by his sudden death in 1994.

During his career, Ayrton Senna’s Crash Helmet became his trade mark.  Senna loved wearing his helmet and did some subtle experimentation with colours.

Ayrton Senna’s Helmet during his Racing Career

During his carting career, Senna had a plain white helmet with very few features.  He experimented with a few colours, but eventually settled on the, now classic Ayrton Senna Crash Helmet, yellow with green stripes surrounding the upper visor.

During Senna’s racing career his helmet never had major changes, except for logos and stickers of sponsors, but Senna would sometimes alter the stripes, changing it from green to black and vice versa. He would also opt to change the base colour of the helmet, but only with different shades of yellow. During his career as a race car driver, Senna also used different brands of helmet:  This included Bell, Rheos, and Shoei.

The “Ayrton Senna Crash Helmet” did undergo various small revision during his career and it became a Senna trademark.  It I just a pity that, on the day of his death, all the protective gear, worn for functionality as well as safety, was not enough to safe his life.

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